Right after the little stinger whip is finished being made it's turned on it's creator.  Sir restrains the puppy and gives him hell with one fierce sting after another.  Puppy's playful attitude and unrelenting cuteness doesn't save him from Sir's swift hand as welt after welt is painted onto his body in fluid strokes.


The boy is helplessly strapped down to the gurney and Sir is going to make the most of it.  The leather strap slaps down on his reddening ass but the boy's moans are barely audible through the bondage tape mask.  Then Sir makes him protest by striking his ass with the welting ball which builds up a fury of deep red hot pain.  When the boy can't take any more Sir returns to the strap and finishes with a face fucking.


And now for something completely serious: a puppy tickle torturing an innocent victim stuck to the spiderweb.  Puppy utilizes a pinwheel, a claw, and his teeth to make the prisoner scream (in horror or delight it's hard to say).  When the bamboo cane and the chair come out the prisoner gives a look of confusion, that is till he finds his feet propped up and caned.  


Consider for a moment being blinded, with limited audible capabilities, restricted airflow and no way to escape.  Sir has left you alone with a boy whose depth of cruelty is an unknown.Today, that boy has decided your ass needs tenderizing... sorry bitch, you're fucked!


Sir Pan starts the prisoner off with a really rough beating, till the prisoner shakes all over and begs for it to stop. Sir Pan very nicely offers the prisoner a chance to cum, but the little bitch can't blow his load in time. And then Sir Pan locks him in a chastity device. Bummer.


Chained between the cells prisoner #09022012 takes a dragons tail to the balls followed by play with some electro toys!  This clip is filled with some amazing screams and squirming!


Inmate #09172011 learns a hard lesson about being an introverted bitch.  After a caning he is left chained and alone on the cold wet room floor with nothing but his thoughts and a stinging ass. 


Puppy comes to play with the inmates.  Prisoner #12282010 spends the scene the way he likes it, tightly bound and left in the corner while #12122010 gets whipped and caned.  What #12122010 doesn’t know is that #12282010 is wired into a sound activated electro unit that shocks his cell mate every time he screams.

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