The prisoner patiently waits, chained to the urinal, for Sir's return but his patience is rewarded by being stepped over as Sir goes to piss right in front of his face.  Once finished Sir turns to face fuck the cock hungry prisoner.  The toe of Sir's boot then finds it's place on a helpless cock as he works toward a howling orgasm.


The pee-shy prisoner is chained down across from his cellmate and told that they would remain chained until he summons the courage to piss but when inspiration fails to bring the flow he and his companion start to pass the time.  Both hard and frustrated they test the limits of their chains and find that they are both barely within reach of each other. 


Beating his own dick with a wild ferocity mega bitch struggles to keep Sir's cock in his mouth, he laps at the air to try to direct it back in and then Sir forces him to deepthroat it.  All of this, of course, is just foreplay as Sir soon bends him over the unforgiving chain and plows his ass, grabbing hold of his bindings and making them bite into his gut as Sir rams his dick in deeper.


Sir Pan introduces the new piece of meat, Prisoner #06232013 to electro for his first time. Hooded and cuffed to the urinal the Prisoner is electrofied between his ass and cock, gently at first (we would not want to scare him...) slowly ramping up to harsher and more enjoyable levels...


Sir Pan receives and processes a new prisoner through the intake process. The prisoner is stripped, searched and measured up for all to see. The prisoner shortly discovers that he will be treated as another piece of meat as a baton is rammed up his ass during the strip search. The prisoner is then chained to the urinal to wait and consider what he has gotten himself in


Sir Pan chains Prisoner #12282010 spread eagle to the trough urinal and wall starts in on some CBT. Sir Pan then adds a harsh heavy steel ball crusher to the Prisoner's ball sac and pulls it to the wall with heavy chain. Watch the Prisoner squirm as he helplessly tries to ease the pain in his balls.


After having his ass thoroughly warmed up prisoner #12282010 is fucked by Sir’s nightstick and then takes a massive dong.  Sir is sure to reward the boy’s good behavior with CBT.


Prisoner #12282010 returns only this time he finds himself chained up in the wet room.  He deep throats Sir’s night stick and then take it up his tight asshole. 


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