Sir has the boy right where he wants him, arms chained to the ceiling and awaiting punishment.  The boy is warmed up with a series of tickling but the mood gets darker as Sir begins to spank the boy with a flogger.  As the scene progresses the boy's jeans prove not to supply sufficient padding against Sir's strikes as they become stronger and sting deeper.


Sir helps the boy with his martial arts training by making him one with the punching bag.  The boy is not only tied to the bag but he is used as the punching bag.  Of course no amount of punching breaks the boy so Sir resorts to more cruel means... tickling.  


Arms suspended from the ceiling, helpless to endure Sir's intentions the boy is quickly bombarded by rapid, feather-light touches.  His protestations go unregistered as the fingertips work his body until finally he is out of breath and red in the face.  Sir embraces the boy as he tries to regain his breath.

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