Suspended in a sit sling the boy is ordered to fuck his ass with a dong, the only problem is his hand is attached to a nose clamp.  Although Sir tells him to pump himself harder he has to choose between the order and the pain in his nose.  Sir is kind enough to give him a short break while Sir takes over but then it is back to the torturous predicament.


The boy finds himself in quite the situation.  The ass hook got his attention but the nose clamp tied to the ass hook really kept him on his toes... If that wasn't enough Sir makes it a point of taunting the boy adding insult to injury.


The boy finds his new encasement very restrictive.  A giant military webbing finger trap encases his entire body, leaving him vulnerable to Sir's mischief.  With his ass exposed Sir gives him a butt reddening followed by a full body pummeling. 


The prisoner, now fully suspended is subjected to a brutal ass beating which, oddly enough, had him dripping precum.  All is fun and games till he mentions the words "stun gun" and when one is brought out he is terrified almost to tears.  Puppy continues playing mind games with his unpredictable nature which is both playful and cruel.  When the prisoner's ass is well warmed up puppy produces the evil rubber whip and welting ball, both produce unexpected glee in the prisoner.  


Puppy puts the prisoner into a complicated horizontal rope suspension.  He is careful to keep prime targets open for future use, his intentions are brutal and the prisoner eagerly awaits his punishment.  Puppy is quick to get the balls rolling... pun intended.


Helpless against Sir's teasing of his cock the prisoner moans and jerks in vain as Sir violates his ass with his fingers. Sir releases his hands and the prisoner begins edging himself while still inverted.  With Sir's finger back in his ass the prisoner blows his load onto his own face.  


The prisoner swings back and forth as the pressure begins to build in his face.  His boots strapped are to the ceiling and his arms bound up by his chest as Sir teases his cock, foreshadowing the tease to come.  Lubing up his gloved hand Sir prepares to violate the prisoner's ass as the prisoner rocks helplessly upside down.


In a long leather, chain, and straight jacket suspension the prisoner lies back with his cock standing at full attention.  He squirms against his bindings and awaits whatever evil Sir has planned for him.  After a long period of anticipating Sir begins to finger the prisoner's ass making the prisoner squirm more violently and moan with each stimulation.


Securely confined in a straight-jacket, the prisoner has no chance of escape from the start.  And he's naked from the waist down so his cock hangs out ready to be manhandled.  Sir Pan lays the prisoner flat on the gurney and his cock goes hard immediately.  He slowly prepares to raise the prisoner into the air where he will be at the full mercy of Sir Pan's devious whims.


The prisoner is subjected to a full on puppy suspension complete with the sting of the carbon fiber rod.  With arms and legs completely immobilized the bitch begs puppy not to take the rod to his balls.  Will he, won't he?  The suspense....


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