Straight Jacket


In a long leather, chain, and straight jacket suspension the prisoner lies back with his cock standing at full attention.  He squirms against his bindings and awaits whatever evil Sir has planned for him.  After a long period of anticipating Sir begins to finger the prisoner's ass making the prisoner squirm more violently and moan with each stimulation.


Securely confined in a straight-jacket, the prisoner has no chance of escape from the start.  And he's naked from the waist down so his cock hangs out ready to be manhandled.  Sir Pan lays the prisoner flat on the gurney and his cock goes hard immediately.  He slowly prepares to raise the prisoner into the air where he will be at the full mercy of Sir Pan's devious whims.


In a full straight jacket and chain suspension the prisoner is subjected to rough impact play as his legs flail in the air causing the chains to bite him mercilessly.  The prisoner remains rock hard through the torment.  Sir comes back, lube in hand, and begins to tease the prisoner's prostate. 


Completely blind and restrained in a straight jacket the prisoner is uncomfortably chained to the ceiling, helpless against Sir's will.  The prisoner's cock at is at full attention as Sir begins to painfully tease him.  With a short break from the torment the prisoner struggles against the restraints, reminding himself that he is screwed.  Sir returns, armed with a flat fiberglass batten that stings the prisoner's thighs and balls.  Looking to potentially leave welts Sir then upgrades to a thin bamboo reed.


Sir Pan chains a straight-jacket-wearing prisoner to the spider web and the prisoner's cock goes rock hard. He also gets to enjoy an anal hook in his ass and the sling.


Sir Pan chains the prisoner standing in the center of the room, then ensures he won't be moving by plugging his ass with the anal hook.  Then Sir raises the height so the prisoner must stand on his tiptoes.  Sir edges him for almost an hour before removing the hook and denying the prisoner permission to cum.


Sir Pan chains a straight-jacket-wearing prisoner to the spider web and the prisoner's cock goes rock hard.  He writhes as Sir Pan slowly introduces new toys.  The prisoner is left, head covered, with no idea what to expect, until Sir Pan returns and moves him to the center of the room.  What will happen next?


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