The boy kneels briefly in expectation which is soon followed by the buzz of the clippers which take his hair down to the skin.  When the clipping is done Sir takes to the boy's chest with harsh blows.  Sir's cock makes its way down the boys throat and Sir uses it to cut off the boy's air supply before continuing to face fuck him.


Prisoner #05212013 has been up to all sorts of fun whilst he's been inside the  Iron Lock Up.  From being pissed on in the pit to some rather thrilling CBT.  Here are his holiday snaps to remember his time with us!


Sir Pan receives and processes a new prisoner through the intake process. The prisoner is stripped, searched and measured up for all to see. The prisoner shortly discovers that he will be treated as another piece of meat as a baton is rammed up his ass during the strip search. The prisoner is then chained to the urinal to wait and consider what he has gotten himself in


Good morning, boy.  After some nice self servicing the weekend guest is made to service Sir and then edge himself.  You know, the problem with some boys is that they just can’t hold onto a big load ...


After being required to wear a large butt plug prisoner #12122010 is required to take a massive dong.  The bitch is then required to suck Sir’s cock in preparation for a primal fucking.  


Prisoner #10162011 is chained on all fours to the urinal and made to wait till Sir decides to fuck him with his nightstick.  The prisoner is allowed to jerk off and then is made to lick Sir’s boot.  Feeling that the prisoner is thoroughly dirty, Sir gives him a quick hose down and orders him to clean the wet room.


Sir moves the prisoner into the pit and pisses on him, ordering him to edge himself but not to cum.  He is then moved to the wet room where he is chained, the prisoner complains and Sir reminds him that he was not supposed to piss in the toilet during his stay but did twice in the night.  


In this dual intake scene prisoners #12122010 and #12282010 receive a cavity search and #12202010 takes cbt while #12122010 gives Sir head.  Sir cums into the bitch’s hungry mouth.  Sir then gives permission to sub #12202010 to masturbate onto his inmate.


After having chained prisoner #09102011 to the wall Sir gives his balls a warm welcome with his boot, the inmate is then left alone, chained to the abrasive brick wall.


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