The Pit


#08022013 returns to the Iron Lockup, Sir does the intake and is very thorough with the cavity search.  After given a good welcoming the bitch is shown to the newly remodeled, super cozy pit where he is given a golden warm second welcoming.  


A new prisoner is welcomed to the facility with a full cavity search by Sir Pan as he goes through intake. The Prisoner is then pissed on in the pit where he is left to edge himself and cool down until removed by Sir Pan and placed in his cell to await the next scene and consider what he has gotten himself into.


Prisoner #05212013 has been up to all sorts of fun whilst he's been inside the  Iron Lock Up.  From being pissed on in the pit to some rather thrilling CBT.  Here are his holiday snaps to remember his time with us!


In this scene Sir Pan locks his new piece of meat into the pit and pisses all over the bitch. Sir Pan leaves the bitch in complete darkness to cool off in his piss soaked clothes. Feeling merciful, Sir Pan allows the prisoner a shower to warm up and works the prisoner over a little before returning him to his cell and thoughts...


Sir moves the prisoner into the pit and pisses on him, ordering him to edge himself but not to cum.  He is then moved to the wet room where he is chained, the prisoner complains and Sir reminds him that he was not supposed to piss in the toilet during his stay but did twice in the night.  


Confined to the pit and covered in piss, prisoner #09102011 can’t seem to keep his hands off his rock hard dick.  Puppy stops by briefly to add more piss to the mix.  Sir finishes this inmate off with a nice hose down.


After having chained prisoner #09102011 to the wall Sir gives his balls a warm welcome with his boot, the inmate is then left alone, chained to the abrasive brick wall.


A rare simultaneous scene ensues.  Sir, disappointed that the small inmate had gotten off in the night without a mask on decides that punishment is in order while the Puppy challenges #12282010 to escape from his bondage.


Prisoner #12122010 is locked in the pit wearing only a gas mask.  Sir Pan is up there somewhere pissing on him, and the prisoner sure seems to like it.  Watch for him tweaking his nipples in pleasure.


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