After taking a piss and getting fed, prisoner #01082012 is chained to the cell bars and edges himself.  Sir Pan milks his prostate and finally allows the prisoner to cum.


Prisoner #01082012 gets some more alone time in the wet room, but this time he slowly masturbates to entertain himself.  Then Sir Pan moves him into a locked cell, and the prisoner struggles to get comfortable while still in handcuffs and leg chains.


We rejoin prisoner #01082012 still locked up to the wall.  Sir Pan returns, and after a brief cock beating the prisoner is allowed to jerk off, but only after Sir Pan attaches his ball crusher.  Finally the prisoner is rewarded with an ass-fucking and some light flogging.


Prisoner #10162011 is locked into cell one and is made to eat like a dog.  His only solace is the porn magazine he finds and he comforts himself through masturbation. 


Confined together in cell 1 Prisoners #12122010 and #12282010 are given the rare privilege to play with themselves and get off and, of course, prisoner #12122010 wastes no time getting started in using this rare freedom.  He masturbates viciously and then fucks himself with a large dong.  It doesn’t take prisoner #12282010 to join in the fun. 


In this dual intake scene prisoners #12122010 and #12282010 receive a cavity search and #12202010 takes cbt while #12122010 gives Sir head.  Sir cums into the bitch’s hungry mouth.  Sir then gives permission to sub #12202010 to masturbate onto his inmate.


Confined to the pit and covered in piss, prisoner #09102011 can’t seem to keep his hands off his rock hard dick.  Puppy stops by briefly to add more piss to the mix.  Sir finishes this inmate off with a nice hose down.


There's some of everything in this intake scene.  Sir Pan escorts prisoner #09052011 into the wet room, checks his cock size then starts off with some flogging.  When the prisoner starts growling it's time for some alone time in the comfortable chair, followed by some electro play and CBT.  After all that fun, the prisoner has to clean the wet room naked and cold.


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