Sir has some new toys and he is very eager to use them. This makes the inmate a little bossy which isn’t particularly wise so early in the scene.  The inmate is then made to service Sir’s cock. 


Instead of releasing the prisoner Sir Pan escorts him into the wet room and chains him to the comfortable chair.  Having his balls stuffed in the ball crusher makes the prisoner's cock hard.  The e-stim on his balls just makes him harder, then the prisoner is required to edge himself while Sir Pan stands by to watch.


After having his ass thoroughly warmed up prisoner #12282010 is fucked by Sir’s nightstick and then takes a massive dong.  Sir is sure to reward the boy’s good behavior with CBT.


The chain cage proves uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean we took it off.  Instead the prisoner finds himself in total darkness only to be released after deep throating Sir’s baton. 


The mischief and instigation continues with the puppy strapped to the gurney with electrodes around his cock and balls.  He is ordered to jack off and Sir decides he may be breathing a little too much.


One of our more bizarre fantasies has somehow manifested itself in this long iron restraint scene.  Our favorite bottom finds himself still chained to the urinal with his balls in a clamp and his nipples being pinched and stretched.  Someone once told me that if you slapped a boys balls enough he will cum… apparently it’s true.


Things get exciting for our guest and Sir gets him hard again fairly quickly.  He is required to edge himself again and has a difficult time keeping it in.  After cumming on Sir’s boot he is ordered to continue jacking.  Well, we can’t go out with cum on our boots, ok, I won’t give it all away, but after some fun with piss we certainly do get cleaned up.  What a nice weekend away from the office!


Good morning, boy.  After some nice self servicing the weekend guest is made to service Sir and then edge himself.  You know, the problem with some boys is that they just can’t hold onto a big load ...


The bitch has waited in silence long enough, now it’s time to prepare his ass to take Sir’s cock.  Still chained to the urinal the bitch is fucked and then moved to a sling and fucked again.


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