Sir Pan has given the prisoner permission to cum, if only he can figure out how, seeing as how his dick is still locked up.  The prisoner tries everything he can think of - shoving fingers into the chastity cage, humping his mattress like a dog, and then jerking off under the sheets like a guilty catholic teenager.    


The prisoner is locked up in jail, and there isn't anything to do.  Apparently this doesn't stop him from being a horny little bastard.  Despite the beatings he endured it appears that sleep is mostly far from his mind.  It also looks like he hasn't learned that much restraint, he still cums in pathetically short amount of time.


Prisoner 08022013 comes in for his second visit to the lockup and this time finds it very hard to keep his hands off his cock whether he has permission or not.  Once shown to his cell Sir plays with the inmate's fear of breath control and chokes him as he jacks off.  


The Puppy has gotten bored with the prisoner and locks him up in the cell.  He wakes up in the middle of the night and looks toward the prison door, hoping to be let out.  Wimp.  But his dick is hard and he starts jerking off.  All it takes is the feel of cold steel and he blows his load after barely a minute.  Good thing he's a bottom, because he sure wouldn't make much of a top.


The Puppy decided to allow the prisoner to jerk off in his cell.  The pathetic little bitch can barely last two minutes before blowing his load all over his sheets.  But that doesn't stop him from working his still hard cock.  Guess he shouldn't have gotten off so fast.  And after that really exhausting workout, the prisoner goes to sleep for the night - with his head under the blankets.  Maybe he's scared of the dark?  What a pussy.


Sir Pan is finishing Scene 6 as he jerks off and cums all over the prisoner.  Then the boy comes into the cell and fucks the prisoner from behind.  When he screams in pain the boy pulls out and starts jerking him off.  But Sir Pan has his arm around the prisoner's neck and doesn't make things too comfortable for the prisoner.


Sir Pan wakes Prisoner #06232013 as he rests in his cell. Sir Pan enters the prisoners cell and orders the bitch to stroke his cock. Once hard Sir Pan bends the bitch over his cell toilet, removes the prisoners ass plug and thrusts into the bitches ass. After fucking the bitch for awhile Sir Pan turns him around a makes the bitch sit on the toilet below him as Sir Pan blows his huge load all over the Prisoners hood and chest. Scene #6 is continued in Scene #7 as the prisoner is gang banged after Sir Pan opened his ass up.


Prisoner #06232013 is left to his own devices in his cell after a hard scene. After pissing the horny little bitch crams a large dong up his ass and and jacks off quite quickly. Shortly after cumming the prisoner pisses again and decides to look over the porn he found in his cell, it is not long before the bitch is jacking off again but he lasts a little longer before cumming again while listing to another scene taking place in the dungeon.


In this scene Sir Pan leads the hard Prisoner from his cell to a waiting sling. Sir Pan pushes the Prisoner to his knees and makes him stroke Sirs cock. The prisoner is ordered into the sling and fucked for awhile until Sir Pan decides to chain the Prisoners nipple and cock piercings together and play tug of war... The Prisoner is ordered to jack Sir off until he cums blowing a huge load, satisfied with the prisoners job, Sir Pan allows the Prisoner to cum as well.


After some CBT and choking Prisoner #12282010 is ordered to jack off Sir Pan in the cell until Sir Pan blows a massive load all over the Prisoner and his cell. 
Sir Pan then pins the Prisoner's neck against the cell bars and requires the prisoner to jack himself off until he cums with a huge load shooting across the prison hall.


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