Bound and twitching with the rise and fall of the electronic current the prisoner remains defenseless against Sir's cruelty.  The wartenburg wheel sends a sharp sting of electricity through the boy as it traces his legs, perineum and balls.  Sir puts the boy's moaning to good use and clips a microphone to his mask turning every little whimper into an electric blast in his cock.  


These prisoners are getting very fond of each other.  Both fighting to stay on the small prison bed they devour each other's cocks, stroking and deep throating like old friends or frat brothers.


With time to kill one of our prisoners takes to teasing the other's cock, sometimes jacking hard, sometimes teasing lightly.  He squeezes and stretches his balls, polishes his head, and tickles his shaft.  


Late at night, exhausted by a day of play, the prisoner needs to get some release.  What starts off as very casual stroking turns into a hungry whacking leading to a big orgasm. 


Our two prisoners find themselves with a little downtime between scenes and despite plenty of play during their visit they can't keep their hands (and mouths) off each other.  


The pee-shy prisoner is chained down across from his cellmate and told that they would remain chained until he summons the courage to piss but when inspiration fails to bring the flow he and his companion start to pass the time.  Both hard and frustrated they test the limits of their chains and find that they are both barely within reach of each other. 


The Prisoner, being generally useless in his cell gets a temporary reprieve when Sir allows him to suck on his cock.  The bitch eagerly takes to Sir's cock and hungrily deep throats it till he chokes.  He is horny beyond control and isn't satisfied till he's covered in Sir's load.


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