Long-term Confinement


Sir visits the boy in his cell, giving us a rare close up of Sir pissing.  The boy greets him with the customary blowjob.  When Sir is getting ready to cum he permits the boy to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long enthusiastic shower. 


In a long leather, chain, and straight jacket suspension the prisoner lies back with his cock standing at full attention.  He squirms against his bindings and awaits whatever evil Sir has planned for him.  After a long period of anticipating Sir begins to finger the prisoner's ass making the prisoner squirm more violently and moan with each stimulation.


Still wet from his golden shower the boy continues to service Sir's rock hard cock.  He braces himself against the bars of the cell as Sir forces him to deepthroat his cock.  With long snowy bursts Sir covers the boy in his cum, wiping his hand off on the boy's head.


As the prisoner awaits his next scene he becomes horny and decides to edge himself. Since he is under order not to cum, he jacks off very slowly worried what the punishment might be for disobeying. 


With the reality of his long term confinement looming over him the prisoner takes solace in a familiar touch.  He struggles with the decision whether or not to enhance his experience with the firm hug of his cock sling which rolls in his impatient hand.  Anticipation for what is to come shutters down his fingertips as he meticulously teases himself to keep his erection. 


And now for something completely serious: a puppy tickle torturing an innocent victim stuck to the spiderweb.  Puppy utilizes a pinwheel, a claw, and his teeth to make the prisoner scream (in horror or delight it's hard to say).  When the bamboo cane and the chair come out the prisoner gives a look of confusion, that is till he finds his feet propped up and caned.  


Completely blind and restrained in a straight jacket the prisoner is uncomfortably chained to the ceiling, helpless against Sir's will.  The prisoner's cock at is at full attention as Sir begins to painfully tease him.  With a short break from the torment the prisoner struggles against the restraints, reminding himself that he is screwed.  Sir returns, armed with a flat fiberglass batten that stings the prisoner's thighs and balls.  Looking to potentially leave welts Sir then upgrades to a thin bamboo reed.


These prisoners are getting very fond of each other.  Both fighting to stay on the small prison bed they devour each other's cocks, stroking and deep throating like old friends or frat brothers.


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