Sir straps the boy to the gurney using bondage belts and begins to take advantage of him.  He inserts his cock deep into the boy's throat and makes him choke on it but he isn't done there.  He cuts a slit into the boy's pants so that he can fuck him with a dildo.  One of the boy's hands is freed so that he can masterbate while Sir continues to tease his ass.


Standing like a mighty tree the prisoner's cock remains hard enough to pop.  Sir teases the tip which is already over stimulated and then he begins to reinsert the dong into the prisoners ass, making him move against his restraints.  Sir's hand goes full force on the prisoner's cock till it becomes too much and showers of cum flood out and drench his thighs. 


The boy is helplessly strapped down to the gurney and Sir is going to make the most of it.  The leather strap slaps down on his reddening ass but the boy's moans are barely audible through the bondage tape mask.  Then Sir makes him protest by striking his ass with the welting ball which builds up a fury of deep red hot pain.  When the boy can't take any more Sir returns to the strap and finishes with a face fucking.


Face down and struggling to writhe under the control of the tight bondage belts the boy tries to squirm away from the cold sting of Sir's reaver as it traces his body.  He lets out stifled moan after moan, his voice dampened by the bondage tape secured around his head.  Sir takes a welting ball off the wall, a promise for a future deep and penetrating sting, and a leather strap which slaps the boys ass without mercy.


Mummification: (mum'i-fi-ca'tion) n. Make or become a mummy.  Unlike traditional mummificaion which uses seran wrap and duct tape we have chosen palet wrap because it is stronger than seran and as you sweat and give off body heat the wrap begins to fuse with the bottom's skin for a wonderful bandaid-like scene finale.  Completely helpless this bitch undergoes intense bondage with cbt and nipple play.


Sir Pan leads the prisoner into the wet room and straps him to a gurney, ass exposed.  He leaks precum everywhere as a giant dong gets shoved up his butt.  When Sir Pan leaves the room he's so horny and desperate he rides the dong and moans.  Finally Sir Pan locks him in chastity and the prisoner can't stop whining about not getting to cum.


Chained at the neck, wrists and ankles, prisoner #12282010 is zipped inside a body bag.  This confinement is intense. At long last the prisoner's cock is exposed and he is rewarded with a quick ball squeezing.


The mischief and instigation continues with the puppy strapped to the gurney with electrodes around his cock and balls.  He is ordered to jack off and Sir decides he may be breathing a little too much.


puppy sure growls a lot but Sir doesn’t seem to take him all that seriously, especially when he is so thoroughly tied down.  This puppy sure does seem to love electro, one would think he would be ordering his own shock collar pretty soon.


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