Sir flogs Mr. Kristofer for a while and decides it's time for him to go into chastity but Sir finds the prisoner too hard to get into the cock cage.  Sir tries to get Mr. Kristofer's erection to go down by attacking him with a rubber whip.  After about 5 minutes of cruelty the penis is just soft enough to get him locked up.


Sir has the boy right where he wants him, arms chained to the ceiling and awaiting punishment.  The boy is warmed up with a series of tickling but the mood gets darker as Sir begins to spank the boy with a flogger.  As the scene progresses the boy's jeans prove not to supply sufficient padding against Sir's strikes as they become stronger and sting deeper.


Our flogging series continues, this time with the Boy taking a more ass centered beating from Sir.  He is warmed up with sideswipes and back hits and then the scene becomes more of a flogger spanking scene.  Sir finishes off with strong X pattern blows.


Sir chose a stingy flogger and although puppy successfully starts the scene relaxed and meditative Sir's strikes get him unhinged.  Puppy's shoulders start to tense up and rise so Sir attacks his ass, eliciting grrrrr's and yelps.  Is that enough for Sir?  First time to this site?  No, Sir strikes between the legs and stings the head of puppy's cock.  Jerk.


Sir tests the limits of puppy's balls with a single tail.  Ferociously whipping his thighs, head, and wrapping he makes puppy whelp and squirm.  It begins to be incredibly difficult for puppy to hold still as Sir ramps up the scene.


The puppy is lead to the spiderweb where Sir warms him up with a short moose hide flogger.  Sir begins to ramp it up with a bull hide flogger and dredges up puppy's animalistic side and then puppy presents Sir with his balls which Sir gladly begins to flog.


The boy, hooded and restrained on the spider web is warmed up with a moose hide flogger and once Sir can feel the heat on the boy's back he upgrades to a heavy, mean bullhide to hit a little deeper.  As the scene continues Sir brushes the boy with the tips to produce more sting, deeper in the flogger for more thuds and then moves to heavy thuds to the ass.  


The prisoner, now fully suspended is subjected to a brutal ass beating which, oddly enough, had him dripping precum.  All is fun and games till he mentions the words "stun gun" and when one is brought out he is terrified almost to tears.  Puppy continues playing mind games with his unpredictable nature which is both playful and cruel.  When the prisoner's ass is well warmed up puppy produces the evil rubber whip and welting ball, both produce unexpected glee in the prisoner.  


Puppy is delighted to have a cute pain pig on the cross.  The prisoner's ass is already glowing from the beating it received moments before and now his whole body is going to take some major punishment.  Heavy flogging ensues with a blend of deep thud and brutal sting.  The prisoner is rapidly single-tailed and then bruised deeply with the welting ball which brings him to the verge of tears mixed with maniacal laughter.


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