Puppy comes to play with the inmates.  Prisoner #12282010 spends the scene the way he likes it, tightly bound and left in the corner while #12122010 gets whipped and caned.  What #12122010 doesn’t know is that #12282010 is wired into a sound activated electro unit that shocks his cell mate every time he screams.


There's some of everything in this intake scene.  Sir Pan escorts prisoner #09052011 into the wet room, checks his cock size then starts off with some flogging.  When the prisoner starts growling it's time for some alone time in the comfortable chair, followed by some electro play and CBT.  After all that fun, the prisoner has to clean the wet room naked and cold.


The short bitch finds himself strapped to the gurney, unaware that he is at a slight angle as a stationary dong is placed in his ass and gravity fucks him.


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