The mischief and instigation continues with the puppy strapped to the gurney with electrodes around his cock and balls.  He is ordered to jack off and Sir decides he may be breathing a little too much.


puppy sure growls a lot but Sir doesn’t seem to take him all that seriously, especially when he is so thoroughly tied down.  This puppy sure does seem to love electro, one would think he would be ordering his own shock collar pretty soon.


Our high voltage thriller continues with a lesson in deep throating (but of course teacher does require repayment).  Once in a while we like to give our guests a choice between being loud and being shocked.  A little edging and a little instant replay to come…


Now, we can’t do much to shock our viewers these days, but we can shock our guests.  This boy didn’t seem like he had any plans to go anywhere, so Sir probed him!  The boy then learns the value of staying hard.


Prisoner #01082012 writhes and cries out as Sir Pan shocks his balls.  Being chained in the comfortable chair doesn't help.  Then he is requested to jack off for Sir Pan.  The prisoner is left to anticipate his fate in the comfortable chair, then locked in a jail cell for the night, stark naked.


Finally the prisoner is allowed to eat something, but the handcuffs aren't coming off.  Next Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the comfortable chair in the wet room.  A light beating and some electro play round out the entertainment, with the prisoner blindfolded for extra fun.


We rejoin prisoner #01082012 still locked up to the wall.  Sir Pan returns, and after a brief cock beating the prisoner is allowed to jerk off, but only after Sir Pan attaches his ball crusher.  Finally the prisoner is rewarded with an ass-fucking and some light flogging.


Prisoner #12182011 was being boring so Sir thought he could liven him up with some cbt.  Seeing as the prisoner is unable to get hard Sir decides to give him some baton attention up his ass and offers him a pint of Sir’s piss.


Sir moves the prisoner into the pit and pisses on him, ordering him to edge himself but not to cum.  He is then moved to the wet room where he is chained, the prisoner complains and Sir reminds him that he was not supposed to piss in the toilet during his stay but did twice in the night.  


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