Mr. Kristofer, naked except for the sensory deprivation hood and restrictive cock cage gets chained up, nipples clamped as Sir starts to play with him.  First Sir shocks him with the nerve stimulator and then he is subjected to tugging on his now sensitive nipples.  Sir finishes by attacking his balls, leaving Mr. Kristofer to choose between the pain in his balls and the pain in his nipples.


Fully locked into chastity Mr. Kristofer waits for Sir's next round of punishment.  Knowing that the prisoner's nipples are wired into his cock Sir teases Mr. Kristofer hard, making the cock cage unbearable.  Sir's imfamous cruelty doesn't stop there, he goes after the prisoner with a nerve stimulator and is doesn't hold back, shocking Mr. Kristofer's cock's head and balls as well.  


The prisoner, now fully suspended is subjected to a brutal ass beating which, oddly enough, had him dripping precum.  All is fun and games till he mentions the words "stun gun" and when one is brought out he is terrified almost to tears.  Puppy continues playing mind games with his unpredictable nature which is both playful and cruel.  When the prisoner's ass is well warmed up puppy produces the evil rubber whip and welting ball, both produce unexpected glee in the prisoner.  


Bound and twitching with the rise and fall of the electronic current the prisoner remains defenseless against Sir's cruelty.  The wartenburg wheel sends a sharp sting of electricity through the boy as it traces his legs, perineum and balls.  Sir puts the boy's moaning to good use and clips a microphone to his mask turning every little whimper into an electric blast in his cock.  


This first time prisoner's nerves are clearly worked up as he gets chained to the comfy chair. Sir warms him up with the threat of striking his chest and proceeds to tease his nipples. The boy starts to get really uncomfortable when the electrified pinwheel start to trace his body but the boy doesn't really start moaning till his dick gets charged.


The pee-shy prisoner is chained down across from his cellmate and told that they would remain chained until he summons the courage to piss but when inspiration fails to bring the flow he and his companion start to pass the time.  Both hard and frustrated they test the limits of their chains and find that they are both barely within reach of each other. 


Secured to the ceiling the bitch moans as Sir shocks him down to his core with an electric flyswatter and nerve stimulator.  Not satisfied with the screams Sir brings out the boot paddle and pounds the bitch's ass.  Sir then decides the bitches cock needs stimulating but doesn't settle for an average jerking, no, this bitch must beg...


Punching bags hold many drawbacks for boxers.  For one, they don't move and buckle like a person, they don't respond to your touch the same way, they don't fear shot loaded gloves.  Of course, Sir found a solution to these problems: chain a bitch to the bag; it really is the best of both worlds. A little time with a flat fiberglass cane summons the most pathetic begging, not that Sir is receptive to such things.  Don't miss the dance of the little red stick.


Sir Pan cuffs Prisoner 06232013 to an overhead suspension bar in the wetroom and proceeds to shock the prisoners cock and balls to remind the prisoner of his place. Sir Pan shoves a butt plug up the prisoners ass and orders the prisoner to hold it in, when the plug falls to the floor the prisoner is punished for his negligence... After all of the CBT and ass play is over with Sir Pan is kind enough to wash the prisoners ass and cock clean - with high pressure cold water.


Sir Pan restrains the Prisoner to the Spider Web and starts to harshly punch, flog and shock the Prisoner who yells in pain.
The Prisoner is then ordered to his knees where he is hit in his balls quite hard until he fully submits and sucks Sir Pans baton. The Prisoner is then allowed to jack-off and cum as a reward for his total submission.


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