Welcome to the comfortable chair, perhaps we could improve it by adding some cold chains?  Our guest wilted a bit when Sir toyed with his nipples so he was made to edge himself again (let’s pray he controls himself better this time), after getting a little choked up Sir decides to toy with his ass a little.


Good morning, boy.  After some nice self servicing the weekend guest is made to service Sir and then edge himself.  You know, the problem with some boys is that they just can’t hold onto a big load ...


There is no better way to start off a long weekend at the Iron Lockup than being stripped and cavity searched!  After a cold hello our hot guest is flogged, pissed on and required to edge himself but is warned not to cum ... what?  We can’t have him having all the fun in the first day!


After taking a piss and getting fed, prisoner #01082012 is chained to the cell bars and edges himself.  Sir Pan milks his prostate and finally allows the prisoner to cum.


Finally the prisoner is allowed to eat something, but the handcuffs aren't coming off.  Next Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the comfortable chair in the wet room.  A light beating and some electro play round out the entertainment, with the prisoner blindfolded for extra fun.


Prisoner #01082012 gets some more alone time in the wet room, but this time he slowly masturbates to entertain himself.  Then Sir Pan moves him into a locked cell, and the prisoner struggles to get comfortable while still in handcuffs and leg chains.


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