Blindfolded and gagged the prisoner has no idea what Sir has in mind for him.  He is secured to a chair using incredibly heavy duty leather cuffs and he hears the coming of the boy who is equipped with a rather large dong secured to his boot.  Rock hard, drooling and moaning one can only assume he is enjoying himself as he desperately fights to cum.


The toilet is only three feet away but the prisoner can't be bothered with actually taking off his pants and so he spends the rest of the night with a very wet leg.  With the smell of piss all around him he becomes thoroughly aroused and masterbates with a rather large dildo up his ass.


Strapped into a gas mask prisoner rams a large dong up his ass and masturbates while seeming noting that he can barely feel the huge dong with his stretched asshole.


The night has been long and restless, the chastity device is doing nothing to discourage any attempt at getting off.  As his solitude wears on the prisoner explores double penetration fantasies with the not-so-modest dildos left in his cell.  


Being locked in chastity was such a hot idea in his mind but now it's the middle of the night and sleep is not coming till the load starts cumming.  Too bad the device offers no pleasant stroke sensations.  Our inmate finds himself fumbling for something satisfying but alas is left with nothing worth obtaining despite his vain strokes.  Overwhelmed with the futility of his efforts the bitch resorts to dong ramming but what if the dildos provided are too large for a smooth entry?  


Being locked up makes the prisoner non-stop horny.  He squats on the bed and lowers himself down onto a giant black dong.  That doesn't do it for him, so he tries every position possible inside his cell.  And after all that he doesn't even bother to cum.  The prisoner takes a piss then inserts his still hard dick back into his jock.


Sir Pan locks the prisoner in a chastity cage and an isolation hood, then very nicely gives him permission to jerk off.  The prisoner fumbles his way around the cell searching for a condom and lube.  He lowers himself onto a giant black dong and tries a host of positions, yet still ends the scene frustrated with an enormously hard cock.


Sir Pan leads the prisoner into the wet room and straps him to a gurney, ass exposed.  He leaks precum everywhere as a giant dong gets shoved up his butt.  When Sir Pan leaves the room he's so horny and desperate he rides the dong and moans.  Finally Sir Pan locks him in chastity and the prisoner can't stop whining about not getting to cum.


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