Completely drenched in piss Mr. Kristofer takes Sir's cock hard.  Sir stops the prisoner from jerking himself and restrains his hands.  Sir then jerks himself off leaving the prisoner unsatisfied as he walks back to his cell dripping in piss and Sir's cum.


Mr. Kristofer remains secured in the sling and Sir delivers him a rough fucking.  He pauses a moment to stroke his cock and tease the prisoner's nipples but then returns to using the prisoner's ass. Sir proceeds to deliver Mr. Kristofer and Iron Lockup audiences with what is probably the largest output of piss seen on this site (including from multiple cocks).


Getting off doesn't mean the Mr. Kristofer is done. The boy hasn't finished fucking and Sir Pan hasn't gotten off yet! Mr. Kristofer's moans of pleasure turn to agony as his asshole and nipples get worked even harder. Then Sir Pan blows a huge load all over the Mr Kristofer and almost hits the camera.


Sir's cock gets up close and personal.  He pisses and begins to pleasure himself, ramping up to a massive load which gets all over the place.  Satisfied he teases his tired cock.


Sir visits the boy in his cell, giving us a rare close up of Sir pissing.  The boy greets him with the customary blowjob.  When Sir is getting ready to cum he permits the boy to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long enthusiastic shower. 


With the boy a little more broken down from his flogging Sir rewards him with his cock which the boy gladly takes deep in his throat.  The boy works hard to please his Sir and Sir is generous by spitting into the boys hungry mouth.  Sir then blows his load on the boy.


The prisoner patiently waits, chained to the urinal, for Sir's return but his patience is rewarded by being stepped over as Sir goes to piss right in front of his face.  Once finished Sir turns to face fuck the cock hungry prisoner.  The toe of Sir's boot then finds it's place on a helpless cock as he works toward a howling orgasm.


Helpless against Sir's teasing of his cock the prisoner moans and jerks in vain as Sir violates his ass with his fingers. Sir releases his hands and the prisoner begins edging himself while still inverted.  With Sir's finger back in his ass the prisoner blows his load onto his own face.  


Standing like a mighty tree the prisoner's cock remains hard enough to pop.  Sir teases the tip which is already over stimulated and then he begins to reinsert the dong into the prisoners ass, making him move against his restraints.  Sir's hand goes full force on the prisoner's cock till it becomes too much and showers of cum flood out and drench his thighs. 


Still wet from his golden shower the boy continues to service Sir's rock hard cock.  He braces himself against the bars of the cell as Sir forces him to deepthroat his cock.  With long snowy bursts Sir covers the boy in his cum, wiping his hand off on the boy's head.


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