Comfortable Chair


Sir folds the boy over his lap and begins to spank him hard, pausing only to kneed and pinch the boy's ass.  He reaches between the boys legs to torment his junk before taking off his belt to sting the boy with.  The boy, now resolved to good behavior takes Sir's cock in his mouth.


Bound and twitching with the rise and fall of the electronic current the prisoner remains defenseless against Sir's cruelty.  The wartenburg wheel sends a sharp sting of electricity through the boy as it traces his legs, perineum and balls.  Sir puts the boy's moaning to good use and clips a microphone to his mask turning every little whimper into an electric blast in his cock.  


This first time prisoner's nerves are clearly worked up as he gets chained to the comfy chair. Sir warms him up with the threat of striking his chest and proceeds to tease his nipples. The boy starts to get really uncomfortable when the electrified pinwheel start to trace his body but the boy doesn't really start moaning till his dick gets charged.


The pee-shy prisoner is chained down across from his cellmate and told that they would remain chained until he summons the courage to piss but when inspiration fails to bring the flow he and his companion start to pass the time.  Both hard and frustrated they test the limits of their chains and find that they are both barely within reach of each other. 


Blindfolded and gagged the prisoner has no idea what Sir has in mind for him.  He is secured to a chair using incredibly heavy duty leather cuffs and he hears the coming of the boy who is equipped with a rather large dong secured to his boot.  Rock hard, drooling and moaning one can only assume he is enjoying himself as he desperately fights to cum.


"Warning: Do not misuse this piece of equipment"
It was so clearly printed on the Roman chair, one has to wonder if this includes fisting.  Tonight the bitch wants to know if he can finally take puppy's paws which happen to be larger than your average paws.  So much lube, so much whining, so much begging, and such shiny rubber pants... it was a "full" evening.  


In the most recent installment of "The Adventures of MegaBitch" we find our hero strapped to the unforgiving cold steel remains of a once comfortable chair.  Will his testicles survive Sir's beatings or will our hero end up pissing himself?  The villain gives our hero a chance to reprieve himself but will the pressure be too much?


Sir Pan straps the prisoner to a wooden chair in the middle of a dark room.  There are no questions that follow though, just a thorough beating.  And the whiny bitch complaining that his balls hurt.


Leaking pre-cum for the entire scene Prisoner #05212013 is bound to the comfy chair in the wetroom with cuffs and chain. Sir Pan spends the scene pushing the Prisoner with harsh electro right to his cock. At times the power is audio activated and the prisoner is ordered to count, his cock throbbing and jumping with every jolt....


Prisoner #05212013 has been up to all sorts of fun whilst he's been inside the  Iron Lock Up.  From being pissed on in the pit to some rather thrilling CBT.  Here are his holiday snaps to remember his time with us!


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