In the hopes of deep play the prisoner prepares his ass inside and out with a massive douching.  Not satisfied with his overall cleanliness he follows up with a shower as well.


In it's cell, it pissed itself, it blamed it on it's cage.  It cleans it's hole out, it cleans it well, it does this whenever it's told.  It cleans it's skin, it polished it's cock, and now it's off to bed.


Sir Pan finally lets the dirty prisoner have a shower.  While standing back and watching him soap up.  The prisoner appears to enjoy the humiliation, with his cock still in chastity.  Later Sir Pan orders the prisoner to douche himself.  His perversion knows no bounds; the prisoner's cock rises to half mast.  Please note - there is no audio on this clip.


Sir Pan cuffs Prisoner 06232013 to an overhead suspension bar in the wetroom and proceeds to shock the prisoners cock and balls to remind the prisoner of his place. Sir Pan shoves a butt plug up the prisoners ass and orders the prisoner to hold it in, when the plug falls to the floor the prisoner is punished for his negligence... After all of the CBT and ass play is over with Sir Pan is kind enough to wash the prisoners ass and cock clean - with high pressure cold water.


In this scene Sir Pan locks his new piece of meat into the pit and pisses all over the bitch. Sir Pan leaves the bitch in complete darkness to cool off in his piss soaked clothes. Feeling merciful, Sir Pan allows the prisoner a shower to warm up and works the prisoner over a little before returning him to his cell and thoughts...


The intake is bound in the comfortable chair.  Sir Pan comes in to piss on him, then requires him to clean the wet room naked.  The prisoner tucks himself into bed, then masturbates under the blanket.


Prisoner #10162011 is chained on all fours to the urinal and made to wait till Sir decides to fuck him with his nightstick.  The prisoner is allowed to jerk off and then is made to lick Sir’s boot.  Feeling that the prisoner is thoroughly dirty, Sir gives him a quick hose down and orders him to clean the wet room.


There's some of everything in this intake scene.  Sir Pan escorts prisoner #09052011 into the wet room, checks his cock size then starts off with some flogging.  When the prisoner starts growling it's time for some alone time in the comfortable chair, followed by some electro play and CBT.  After all that fun, the prisoner has to clean the wet room naked and cold.


After getting to enjoy Sir Pan's hospitality, the prisoner is forced to clean the wet room with only a tiny scrub brush.  His cock hangs out for all to see as he traverses the room on his knees.  At last he is allowed a shower, with Sir Pan standing by.


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