Chastity Cage


Sir continues to warm up Mr. Kristofer's ass by making him take all of Sir's cock causing Mr. Kristofer to moan with enthusiasm. Sir continues to open up the prisoner's hole by inserting a long butt plug. Sir teases the prisoner's hole into relaxing while the prisoner jerks Sir full rigidity in preparation for a rough fucking.


Sir lays Mr. Kristofer into the sling and removes the cold shackles from the prisoner's ankles.  Sir then widens the prisoner's hole with his baton.  Once the prisoner is well loosened Sir pulls out his cock and has the prisoner strengthen his erection for what comes next.


With nowhere to go Mr. Kristopher takes a harsh rubber whip to the ass and his squirming causes the nipple clamps that are holding him in place to get ripped from his chest.  Sir takes the opportunity to tease his now overly sensitive nipples.  Once the prisoners nipples are secured once again Sir attacks his balls and ass leading to more clamp ripping.


Mr. Kristofer, naked except for the sensory deprivation hood and restrictive cock cage gets chained up, nipples clamped as Sir starts to play with him.  First Sir shocks him with the nerve stimulator and then he is subjected to tugging on his now sensitive nipples.  Sir finishes by attacking his balls, leaving Mr. Kristofer to choose between the pain in his balls and the pain in his nipples.


Sir flogs Mr. Kristofer for a while and decides it's time for him to go into chastity but Sir finds the prisoner too hard to get into the cock cage.  Sir tries to get Mr. Kristofer's erection to go down by attacking him with a rubber whip.  After about 5 minutes of cruelty the penis is just soft enough to get him locked up.


Fully locked into chastity Mr. Kristofer waits for Sir's next round of punishment.  Knowing that the prisoner's nipples are wired into his cock Sir teases Mr. Kristofer hard, making the cock cage unbearable.  Sir's imfamous cruelty doesn't stop there, he goes after the prisoner with a nerve stimulator and is doesn't hold back, shocking Mr. Kristofer's cock's head and balls as well.  


The night has been long and restless, the chastity device is doing nothing to discourage any attempt at getting off.  As his solitude wears on the prisoner explores double penetration fantasies with the not-so-modest dildos left in his cell.  


Having been worked up on the available porn left in the prison our frustrated bitch finds himself working to hunting for any drop of pleasure alotted by his steel chastity device.  His balls are strained and the barely accessible tip of his cock does little but draw a pathetic stream of precum.  Eventually desperation overtakes him and the real war between him and his chastity ensues.  No, we won't be telling you who wins...


Being locked in chastity was such a hot idea in his mind but now it's the middle of the night and sleep is not coming till the load starts cumming.  Too bad the device offers no pleasant stroke sensations.  Our inmate finds himself fumbling for something satisfying but alas is left with nothing worth obtaining despite his vain strokes.  Overwhelmed with the futility of his efforts the bitch resorts to dong ramming but what if the dildos provided are too large for a smooth entry?  


Sir Pan locks the prisoner in a chastity cage and an isolation hood, then very nicely gives him permission to jerk off.  The prisoner fumbles his way around the cell searching for a condom and lube.  He lowers himself onto a giant black dong and tries a host of positions, yet still ends the scene frustrated with an enormously hard cock.


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