Prison intake.  Two inmates are inspected then the small one is required to lie down in the cold urinal and take Sir’s piss.  After a cavity search they are locked into cell 1 together.  The small one then searches for a place to put his dildo and finds the emergency escape hatch a perfect spot and proceeds to fuck himself.


Meat tenderizing says it all.  Sir Pan handcuffs the prisoner on a long chain in the wet room and handles him all over.  The prisoner can move around the room but he is at the mercy of Sir Pan's hands.


The prisoner is locked in a jail cell where he masturbates to pass the time.  He even finds a dirty old magazine somewhere to wank to.  And somehow he squeezes some piss out of his hardon too.


After getting to enjoy Sir Pan's hospitality, the prisoner is forced to clean the wet room with only a tiny scrub brush.  His cock hangs out for all to see as he traverses the room on his knees.  At last he is allowed a shower, with Sir Pan standing by.


Locked in the pit with a gas mask on the prisoner prepares to get pissed on.  He fondles his tiny dick, so small it's impossible to tell when it gets hard!  Later Sir Pan chains him to the wall in the wet room then requires him to sleep in the cell still wearing his gas mask!


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