Sir Pan wakes Prisoner #06232013 as he rests in his cell. Sir Pan enters the prisoners cell and orders the bitch to stroke his cock. Once hard Sir Pan bends the bitch over his cell toilet, removes the prisoners ass plug and thrusts into the bitches ass. After fucking the bitch for awhile Sir Pan turns him around a makes the bitch sit on the toilet below him as Sir Pan blows his huge load all over the Prisoners hood and chest. Scene #6 is continued in Scene #7 as the prisoner is gang banged after Sir Pan opened his ass up.


Prisoner #06232013 is left to his own devices in his cell after a hard scene. After pissing the horny little bitch crams a large dong up his ass and and jacks off quite quickly. Shortly after cumming the prisoner pisses again and decides to look over the porn he found in his cell, it is not long before the bitch is jacking off again but he lasts a little longer before cumming again while listing to another scene taking place in the dungeon.


A new prisoner is welcomed to the facility with a full cavity search by Sir Pan as he goes through intake. The Prisoner is then pissed on in the pit where he is left to edge himself and cool down until removed by Sir Pan and placed in his cell to await the next scene and consider what he has gotten himself into.


In this scene Sir Pan locks his new piece of meat into the pit and pisses all over the bitch. Sir Pan leaves the bitch in complete darkness to cool off in his piss soaked clothes. Feeling merciful, Sir Pan allows the prisoner a shower to warm up and works the prisoner over a little before returning him to his cell and thoughts...


After some CBT and choking Prisoner #12282010 is ordered to jack off Sir Pan in the cell until Sir Pan blows a massive load all over the Prisoner and his cell. 
Sir Pan then pins the Prisoner's neck against the cell bars and requires the prisoner to jack himself off until he cums with a huge load shooting across the prison hall.


Chained between the cells prisoner #09022012 takes a dragons tail to the balls followed by play with some electro toys!  This clip is filled with some amazing screams and squirming!


Sir has some new toys and he is very eager to use them. This makes the inmate a little bossy which isn’t particularly wise so early in the scene.  The inmate is then made to service Sir’s cock. 


Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the bed then fucks him with his baton, through the cell bars.  Sir changes the prisoner's position so he can get a better hold on his cock, then resumes fucking him.  Between the chains and the fucking, prisoner #12282010 is clearly in ecstasy. 


Naked and blindfolded, prisoner #12282010 is chained inside a cell.  His prick gets hard immediately but he is made to wait.  Finally Sir Pan returns and rewards him with some cbt, not once but twice.  Then he eagerly deep-throats Sir's nightstick. 


The psychological journey for prisoner #12282010 is almost at it’s end.  Balls stretched, nipples tweaked and groin shocked this scene takes a turn towards masturbation however only if the prisoner can reach his dick without pulling his balls off.


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