Sir's cock gets up close and personal.  He pisses and begins to pleasure himself, ramping up to a massive load which gets all over the place.  Satisfied he teases his tired cock.


Sir visits the boy in his cell, giving us a rare close up of Sir pissing.  The boy greets him with the customary blowjob.  When Sir is getting ready to cum he permits the boy to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long enthusiastic shower. 


Still wet from his golden shower the boy continues to service Sir's rock hard cock.  He braces himself against the bars of the cell as Sir forces him to deepthroat his cock.  With long snowy bursts Sir covers the boy in his cum, wiping his hand off on the boy's head.


The boys eyes are transfixed on Sir as he orders him to open up and deep throat his nightstick.  The boy is then bent over the prison toilet and made to take a beating to his junk and ass.  Sir then face fucks the boy but instead of cumming he showers the boy in piss.  


As the prisoner awaits his next scene he becomes horny and decides to edge himself. Since he is under order not to cum, he jacks off very slowly worried what the punishment might be for disobeying. 


With the reality of his long term confinement looming over him the prisoner takes solace in a familiar touch.  He struggles with the decision whether or not to enhance his experience with the firm hug of his cock sling which rolls in his impatient hand.  Anticipation for what is to come shutters down his fingertips as he meticulously teases himself to keep his erection. 


These prisoners are getting very fond of each other.  Both fighting to stay on the small prison bed they devour each other's cocks, stroking and deep throating like old friends or frat brothers.


With time to kill one of our prisoners takes to teasing the other's cock, sometimes jacking hard, sometimes teasing lightly.  He squeezes and stretches his balls, polishes his head, and tickles his shaft.  


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