Mr. Kristofer, naked except for the sensory deprivation hood and restrictive cock cage gets chained up, nipples clamped as Sir starts to play with him.  First Sir shocks him with the nerve stimulator and then he is subjected to tugging on his now sensitive nipples.  Sir finishes by attacking his balls, leaving Mr. Kristofer to choose between the pain in his balls and the pain in his nipples.


Sir flogs Mr. Kristofer for a while and decides it's time for him to go into chastity but Sir finds the prisoner too hard to get into the cock cage.  Sir tries to get Mr. Kristofer's erection to go down by attacking him with a rubber whip.  After about 5 minutes of cruelty the penis is just soft enough to get him locked up.


Fully locked into chastity Mr. Kristofer waits for Sir's next round of punishment.  Knowing that the prisoner's nipples are wired into his cock Sir teases Mr. Kristofer hard, making the cock cage unbearable.  Sir's imfamous cruelty doesn't stop there, he goes after the prisoner with a nerve stimulator and is doesn't hold back, shocking Mr. Kristofer's cock's head and balls as well.  


Sir begins to fuck Mr. Kristofer hard, slapping his balls as he goes.  The boy comes in for a turn, making the prisoner moan loudly despite the hood.  When Mr. Kristofer appears to be enjoying it too much Sir starts beating his balls with his night stick but that doesn't stop the prisoner from blowing a massive load a moment later.  Of course a blown load doesn't mean stop especially in the cock teasing department.


Sir tests the limits of puppy's balls with a single tail.  Ferociously whipping his thighs, head, and wrapping he makes puppy whelp and squirm.  It begins to be incredibly difficult for puppy to hold still as Sir ramps up the scene.


The boy, chained to the punching bag, takes hit after hit but Sir will not be contented with the usual spots.  Once the boy's chest is warmed up Sir takes to his groin with straight punches and knees.  Even Sir's embrace serves only as distraction as he comes in for another low blow.


The prisoner, now fully suspended is subjected to a brutal ass beating which, oddly enough, had him dripping precum.  All is fun and games till he mentions the words "stun gun" and when one is brought out he is terrified almost to tears.  Puppy continues playing mind games with his unpredictable nature which is both playful and cruel.  When the prisoner's ass is well warmed up puppy produces the evil rubber whip and welting ball, both produce unexpected glee in the prisoner.  


The boy latches on to the torture wheel in preparation for what Sir has in mind.  He doesn't have to anticipate for long because Sir starts right away with a leather strap that stings the boy.  Once the boy's ass is warmed up a little Sir goes a little more hands on before going deep tissue with a welting ball.


The prisoner patiently waits, chained to the urinal, for Sir's return but his patience is rewarded by being stepped over as Sir goes to piss right in front of his face.  Once finished Sir turns to face fuck the cock hungry prisoner.  The toe of Sir's boot then finds it's place on a helpless cock as he works toward a howling orgasm.


Kneeling on the wetroom floor, mostly naked except for boots, a hood and his chains the prisoner awaits Sir with a rock hard erection.  Sir taunts the sub with a little cock and ball torture but what he really wants is to ram his cock deep inside the prisoner's throat and make him choke on it.  The prisoner only gets hornier and begins to eat Sir's cock with hungry enthusiasm.


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