Cavity Search


Mr. Kristofer is taken into the wet room, strip searched and cavity searched. Sir catalogues his measurements, including cock size and ass. Sir then brings out his nightstick and begins to milk the prisoner's prostate with it.


#08022013 returns to the Iron Lockup, Sir does the intake and is very thorough with the cavity search.  After given a good welcoming the bitch is shown to the newly remodeled, super cozy pit where he is given a golden warm second welcoming.  


Sir Pan gives big dick bitch #08022013 the iron welcome with his nightstick after a cavity search thorough enough to even make the TSA uncomfortable. Down on the cold tile the bitch is made to deep throat and choke on Sir's cock. The bitch is left on the floor, begging for Sir's load. Getting comfortable after Sir leaves the room may not advisable as it gives him an excuse to show your balls hell.


Prisoner 08022013 comes in for his second visit to the lockup and this time finds it very hard to keep his hands off his cock whether he has permission or not.  Once shown to his cell Sir plays with the inmate's fear of breath control and chokes him as he jacks off.  


A new prisoner is welcomed to the facility with a full cavity search by Sir Pan as he goes through intake. The Prisoner is then pissed on in the pit where he is left to edge himself and cool down until removed by Sir Pan and placed in his cell to await the next scene and consider what he has gotten himself into.


There is no better way to start off a long weekend at the Iron Lockup than being stripped and cavity searched!  After a cold hello our hot guest is flogged, pissed on and required to edge himself but is warned not to cum ... what?  We can’t have him having all the fun in the first day!


After a nice strip search, inmate #01082011 is chained to the wall and punched in his cock.  Then he is left in silence with no idea what will happen next, still chained up with cold steel.


In this dual intake scene prisoners #12122010 and #12282010 receive a cavity search and #12202010 takes cbt while #12122010 gives Sir head.  Sir cums into the bitch’s hungry mouth.  Sir then gives permission to sub #12202010 to masturbate onto his inmate.


There's some of everything in this intake scene.  Sir Pan escorts prisoner #09052011 into the wet room, checks his cock size then starts off with some flogging.  When the prisoner starts growling it's time for some alone time in the comfortable chair, followed by some electro play and CBT.  After all that fun, the prisoner has to clean the wet room naked and cold.


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