Breath Control


Completely drenched in piss Mr. Kristofer takes Sir's cock hard.  Sir stops the prisoner from jerking himself and restrains his hands.  Sir then jerks himself off leaving the prisoner unsatisfied as he walks back to his cell dripping in piss and Sir's cum.


Mr. Kristofer remains secured in the sling and Sir delivers him a rough fucking.  He pauses a moment to stroke his cock and tease the prisoner's nipples but then returns to using the prisoner's ass. Sir proceeds to deliver Mr. Kristofer and Iron Lockup audiences with what is probably the largest output of piss seen on this site (including from multiple cocks).


Sir lays Mr. Kristofer into the sling and removes the cold shackles from the prisoner's ankles.  Sir then widens the prisoner's hole with his baton.  Once the prisoner is well loosened Sir pulls out his cock and has the prisoner strengthen his erection for what comes next.


Mr. Kristofer finds himself in a bit of a pinch... his nipples at least are.  He moans furiously as Sir rubs the nipple clamps off and reattaches them.  Of course, he isn't moving enough so Sir starts to spank him HARD and all the extra movement is putting quite a bit of strain on those nipple clamps. 


Mr. Kristofer, naked except for the sensory deprivation hood and restrictive cock cage gets chained up, nipples clamped as Sir starts to play with him.  First Sir shocks him with the nerve stimulator and then he is subjected to tugging on his now sensitive nipples.  Sir finishes by attacking his balls, leaving Mr. Kristofer to choose between the pain in his balls and the pain in his nipples.


The prisoner is ordered inside a claustrophobic bodybag with a gasmask on but his predicament is only just beginning as Sir intends on restricting not just his movement but his breathing as well.  The prisoner becomes very aroused and Sir permits him to jack off has Sir restricts his air flow. When the prisoner is not able to cum Sir permits him the use of a dildo.  


Consider for a moment being blinded, with limited audible capabilities, restricted airflow and no way to escape.  Sir has left you alone with a boy whose depth of cruelty is an unknown.Today, that boy has decided your ass needs tenderizing... sorry bitch, you're fucked!


Prisoner 08022013 comes in for his second visit to the lockup and this time finds it very hard to keep his hands off his cock whether he has permission or not.  Once shown to his cell Sir plays with the inmate's fear of breath control and chokes him as he jacks off.  


The mischief and instigation continues with the puppy strapped to the gurney with electrodes around his cock and balls.  He is ordered to jack off and Sir decides he may be breathing a little too much.


Things get exciting for our guest and Sir gets him hard again fairly quickly.  He is required to edge himself again and has a difficult time keeping it in.  After cumming on Sir’s boot he is ordered to continue jacking.  Well, we can’t go out with cum on our boots, ok, I won’t give it all away, but after some fun with piss we certainly do get cleaned up.  What a nice weekend away from the office!


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