Puppy is delighted to have a cute pain pig on the cross.  The prisoner's ass is already glowing from the beating it received moments before and now his whole body is going to take some major punishment.  Heavy flogging ensues with a blend of deep thud and brutal sting.  The prisoner is rapidly single-tailed and then bruised deeply with the welting ball which brings him to the verge of tears mixed with maniacal laughter.


Sir helps the boy with his martial arts training by making him one with the punching bag.  The boy is not only tied to the bag but he is used as the punching bag.  Of course no amount of punching breaks the boy so Sir resorts to more cruel means... tickling.  


The boy latches on to the torture wheel in preparation for what Sir has in mind.  He doesn't have to anticipate for long because Sir starts right away with a leather strap that stings the boy.  Once the boy's ass is warmed up a little Sir goes a little more hands on before going deep tissue with a welting ball.


The prisoner patiently waits, chained to the urinal, for Sir's return but his patience is rewarded by being stepped over as Sir goes to piss right in front of his face.  Once finished Sir turns to face fuck the cock hungry prisoner.  The toe of Sir's boot then finds it's place on a helpless cock as he works toward a howling orgasm.


Kneeling on the wetroom floor, mostly naked except for boots, a hood and his chains the prisoner awaits Sir with a rock hard erection.  Sir taunts the sub with a little cock and ball torture but what he really wants is to ram his cock deep inside the prisoner's throat and make him choke on it.  The prisoner only gets hornier and begins to eat Sir's cock with hungry enthusiasm.


Helpless against Sir's teasing of his cock the prisoner moans and jerks in vain as Sir violates his ass with his fingers. Sir releases his hands and the prisoner begins edging himself while still inverted.  With Sir's finger back in his ass the prisoner blows his load onto his own face.  


The prisoner swings back and forth as the pressure begins to build in his face.  His boots strapped are to the ceiling and his arms bound up by his chest as Sir teases his cock, foreshadowing the tease to come.  Lubing up his gloved hand Sir prepares to violate the prisoner's ass as the prisoner rocks helplessly upside down.


Standing like a mighty tree the prisoner's cock remains hard enough to pop.  Sir teases the tip which is already over stimulated and then he begins to reinsert the dong into the prisoners ass, making him move against his restraints.  Sir's hand goes full force on the prisoner's cock till it becomes too much and showers of cum flood out and drench his thighs. 


In a long leather, chain, and straight jacket suspension the prisoner lies back with his cock standing at full attention.  He squirms against his bindings and awaits whatever evil Sir has planned for him.  After a long period of anticipating Sir begins to finger the prisoner's ass making the prisoner squirm more violently and moan with each stimulation.


Securely confined in a straight-jacket, the prisoner has no chance of escape from the start.  And he's naked from the waist down so his cock hangs out ready to be manhandled.  Sir Pan lays the prisoner flat on the gurney and his cock goes hard immediately.  He slowly prepares to raise the prisoner into the air where he will be at the full mercy of Sir Pan's devious whims.


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