Sir continues to warm up Mr. Kristofer's ass by making him take all of Sir's cock causing Mr. Kristofer to moan with enthusiasm. Sir continues to open up the prisoner's hole by inserting a long butt plug. Sir teases the prisoner's hole into relaxing while the prisoner jerks Sir full rigidity in preparation for a rough fucking.


Sir lays Mr. Kristofer into the sling and removes the cold shackles from the prisoner's ankles.  Sir then widens the prisoner's hole with his baton.  Once the prisoner is well loosened Sir pulls out his cock and has the prisoner strengthen his erection for what comes next.


Getting off doesn't mean the Mr. Kristofer is done. The boy hasn't finished fucking and Sir Pan hasn't gotten off yet! Mr. Kristofer's moans of pleasure turn to agony as his asshole and nipples get worked even harder. Then Sir Pan blows a huge load all over the Mr Kristofer and almost hits the camera.


Sir begins to fuck Mr. Kristofer hard, slapping his balls as he goes.  The boy comes in for a turn, making the prisoner moan loudly despite the hood.  When Mr. Kristofer appears to be enjoying it too much Sir starts beating his balls with his night stick but that doesn't stop the prisoner from blowing a massive load a moment later.  Of course a blown load doesn't mean stop especially in the cock teasing department.


Suspended in a sit sling the boy is ordered to fuck his ass with a dong, the only problem is his hand is attached to a nose clamp.  Although Sir tells him to pump himself harder he has to choose between the order and the pain in his nose.  Sir is kind enough to give him a short break while Sir takes over but then it is back to the torturous predicament.


Sir straps the boy to the gurney using bondage belts and begins to take advantage of him.  He inserts his cock deep into the boy's throat and makes him choke on it but he isn't done there.  He cuts a slit into the boy's pants so that he can fuck him with a dildo.  One of the boy's hands is freed so that he can masterbate while Sir continues to tease his ass.


Blindfolded and gagged the prisoner has no idea what Sir has in mind for him.  He is secured to a chair using incredibly heavy duty leather cuffs and he hears the coming of the boy who is equipped with a rather large dong secured to his boot.  Rock hard, drooling and moaning one can only assume he is enjoying himself as he desperately fights to cum.


Beating his own dick with a wild ferocity mega bitch struggles to keep Sir's cock in his mouth, he laps at the air to try to direct it back in and then Sir forces him to deepthroat it.  All of this, of course, is just foreplay as Sir soon bends him over the unforgiving chain and plows his ass, grabbing hold of his bindings and making them bite into his gut as Sir rams his dick in deeper.


Sir Pan locks the prisoner in a chastity cage and an isolation hood, then very nicely gives him permission to jerk off.  The prisoner fumbles his way around the cell searching for a condom and lube.  He lowers himself onto a giant black dong and tries a host of positions, yet still ends the scene frustrated with an enormously hard cock.


Sir Pan gives big dick bitch #08022013 the iron welcome with his nightstick after a cavity search thorough enough to even make the TSA uncomfortable. Down on the cold tile the bitch is made to deep throat and choke on Sir's cock. The bitch is left on the floor, begging for Sir's load. Getting comfortable after Sir leaves the room may not advisable as it gives him an excuse to show your balls hell.


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