None of our models are porn stars, rather all of our models are very experienced players within the kink community. We follow generally accepted safety protocol – we don’t put our models though unacceptable levels of risk. All of our scenes are consensual between players who understand the risks involved for a particular scene and consent to it. We don’t use scripts – which is sometimes apparent when we purposely leave a blooper in the final edit. Rather than having the distraction of a large crew, we use built-in lighting that was designed for photography and a high quality security camera system to capture the majority of our scenes in a voyeuristic and nasty style as opposed to creating a nice clean porn set. Instead of producing porn we create what we love – intense and very real scenes between the players themselves. Intended for other kink players, our scenes range from long-term confinement videos that would be boring for the average porn seeker (but may be just what you have been searching for if your looking for real bondage) to hard SM that can be very intense. Not all of our scenes include fucking; if that is what you are looking for you may want to look elsewhere, our scenes that do include fucking are of harsh primal fucking – the way we like it.
  • It contains over 9000 lbs of steel, all of which was custom fitted and welded.
  • The bars and fixtures meet prison security standards.
  • The Prison and Wetroom are watertight to the ceiling and were designed as wash down rooms for ease of cleaning.
  • The Wetroom trough urinal was salvaged from a commercial building and is over seventy years old.
  • The space was designed for extended confinement of up to 5 prisoners.
  • The entire space was built by members of the kink community.
  • Ironlockup.com, it's Prison and Dungeon is the brainchild of Sir Pan - A Professional Dominant, his personal site can be found at www.MasterPan.net